These are just a few of thousands of weenicons every so often more will be added. Thank You 

Well, The Weenicons are:


She has a mountian of hair, a big voice. And she's amazingly wild. Her favourite make-up is eyeliner. She also loves her tattoos. She hates housework. She is a terrible cooker. She loves parties that go on untill early hours of the morning.


This weenicon is packed full of gadgets and a charmer with all the ladies. He allways keeping an eye on the Peckham Traders hooky gear.


He loves motorbikes and Cigars but his passion is for poetry quite surprisingly.

Dotty and Friends

Dotty can always count on her three best friends to help her along and not get scared 


 Heroes for Hire

These guys will save your day especially when you run out of cake and need a cup of tea.

The King

Known as the King, this Weenicon will sing and dance al night long as long as his energy is kept up with some fatty and sugary food.


This Weenicon loves to show off and loves starring in the Weenicon Newsletter with her Glamorous Pictures. She has an amazing voice and often has dance off's  with Elvis.

Mitch and CJ

 These Weenicons are the star of the Beach, they once saved Weenicon James Bond from drowning.

 Peckham Traders

Anything you want the Peckham Traders will be able to get it for you, maybe not to a high quality. There always on a hunt for a bargin!


 A lovely and pretty ladie. Amazing at charming the boys and gettting them to give her presents. She lives a rich life as much as she can. She loves Champagne and anything expensive.


He can be hit in the head as much as the opponent can hit before getting tired. Loves anything that includes Punch including Punch and Judy. His favourite drink is fruit punch.

Disco Divas

These best of friends will sing and dance all night long, driving there neighbours mad.


This weenicon is amazingly hyper. He has sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loves to dance and sing. He often shares his moves and songs with Elvis Presley. He loves going to pick his costume for his next show.


The Fab Four

These guys write songs of peace and love in the volkswagon camper-van. Peace Out. 

The Good ol' Boys

These terible brothers speed in there WeeniMobile out doing the WeeniPolice any day. They are regular attenders at the Stunt course held every Month, and there car is a regular at the WeeniGarage for getting fixed.

Just like That

 This clever Weenicon Wow a croud 'Just like That' He is no doubt one of the funniest Comediens at WeeniWorld. He went to buy some Camoflague trousers the other day and He couldn't find any.

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