My Home-Made Weenicons USB

In Engineering we where challenged to design a USB. Me being a Weenicons fan, I naturally chose to do my favourite Weenicon Diamond Derek and set about designing it on Techsoft V2 as well as Solidworks. Below are my designs I created with an oak finish although the USB case will actually be made out of acrylic.


So after I had designed it, I set about getting the drawings ready for the laser cutter. I laser cut the acrylic, the middle being clear and 4mm thick and the outer acrylic being dark red, 3mm thick with engraving of Diamond Derek on on side.I then set about putting it all together and finding out that 4mm thick acrylic in the middle wasn't thick enough, I had to file a hole on one of the red pieces of acrylic so it fitted perfectly. I glued the pieces of acrylic together with the USB tight in the middle and job done and look at the result below. 

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